This Is Not a Fringe Festival

This Is Not a Fringe Festival
Online and Socially Distanced Art. June 11-21, 2020
Lineup to be announced June 1.

Postponement of the 30th anniversary of the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival to June 2021

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, MainLine Theatre’s number one priority is the safety, health and well-being of our artists, patrons, staff and volunteers. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce our decision to postpone the 30th edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival to June 2021. All festival artists will be offered a choice to request a refund of their festival application fee or to defer their participation and their fee to the June 2021 edition of the festival. 

Furthermore, following the directives of health authorities, our MainLine Theatre spaces (3997 St-Laurent) are closed until at least May 31, meaning all performances, rehearsals and workshops are cancelled. We want to encourage our community to make informed decisions about participating in artistic activities amid the evolving COVID-19 situation.

We sincerely feel that as leaders in the Montreal cultural landscape, it is our responsibility to temporarily close our spaces and to postpone the Fringe Festival in order to protect the health and of our artists and patrons. The conditions for in-person art-making and consumption amid this crisis are significantly challenging since many are unable to rehearse, have been laid off from work and are trying to manage shifting priorities.

We recognize the importance of remaining engaged with our community as we all navigate these unprecedented times. From June 1-21, we will be offering audiences alternative programming to the traditional Fringe Festival. Instead, we will offer a series of curated online performances, workshops and activities, featuring a lineup of alumni artists. Programming to be announced shortly.

I am deeply disappointed to have to postpone, but at the same time, I am especially proud of your work to date. Looking through all the program materials, I was getting really excited to present you this year. I am also proud of the preparations our team has made for our 30th anniversary celebrations, which included an overhaul of our box office system, a new Fringe Park layout and several audience development initiatives. 

We recognize that we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, and will be refocusing our efforts in order to ensure that our organization survives through this crisis. We need our Fringe Festival and indie theatre arts hub and we are ready to put up a fight!


Let’s stay strong and connected. 


Amy Blackmore
Executive and Artistic Director
MainLine Theatre and the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

Today is world theatre day!

The times we are living in are definitely unprecedented, and it highlights the importance of our communities. We have received so many messages of people showing their support, offering help, and showering us with love. The community is finding ways to stay connected in the most unexpected ways (hello Zoom!) and at the end of the day, the events remind us how important those connections are. We will get to be together in person soon, having so many 11-seconds-dance parties, but in the meantime, we invite you to join us at the Quebec Drama Federation online Trivia Dance Party at 5pm.

Happy world theatre day!

COVID-19 Statement from the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and MainLine Theatre

Our number one priority is the safety, health, and well-being of our artists, patrons, staff and volunteers. We are consulting with health officials and are monitoring this ongoing situation. As these times are especially hard on artists, we would like to encourage you to consider donating the price of your tickets to any cancelled show you were planning to attend. We also encourage you to wash your hands and stay inside. In these uncertain times, community is our strongest asset.
Take care!

Amy, Kenny, Deirdre & Sarah
The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe & MainLine Theatre Team

Nantha’s Kitchen Fringebuzz Fundraising Dinner: February 14, 2020


Join Montreal chef Nantha Kumar at a one of a kind dinner to raise funds for the Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal. MainLine Theatre is proud to partner with Nantha’s Kitchen and Centrale culinaire to bring you this one-night-only event. Pour les détails en français, s’il-vous-plaît, regardez plus bas.

6pm-Doors open. Snacks and drinks.
7pm- A multi-course Malaysian-Thai dinner is served family-style. Full menu to be announced in the new year.
9pm-Dessert, coffee and friendship!

$100 tickets:
$150 Chefs table tickets for a unique experience starting at 5pm instead of 6pm:

Includes your welcome drink and snacks, your multi-course dinner, half bottle of wine, dessert and coffee, plus a tax receipt for $35. Beyond the included glasses, we’ll have a limited selection of beverages available for purchase during the meal.

Please contact if you have any questions. We can accommodate dietary restrictions such as gluten-free and vegetarian.

More about Nantha’s Kitchen can be found in Cult MTL:

MainLine Theatre is a registered non-profit charity. If you would like to make a donation, please go to:

RESULTS – Lottery for 2020 St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

Last update: Dec. 17, 2019

Voices of Asia International

01 – Lucky Island Theatre
02 – Studio 013
03 – Fay’s Bee
04 – Escape Bike
not selected – Colour Outside the Lines Montreal
not selected – Crimson and Clover
not selected – Double Fantasy
not selected – Good Times Theatre Co.
not selected – Inés Anaya INC.
not selected – Jade Diamond Productions
not selected – kalianore productions
not selected – Khafi Brood Players
not selected – Mish Azmé
not selected – Montreal Steppers
not selected – Nightjan Productions
not selected – stand up for what we need
not selected – StarStuff
not selected – Trans Trenderz

L’Opéra-Théâtre du Miroir

01 – Renee Joseph
02 – Jackee J. Productions
03 – Reginald St-Eloy
04 – Cia. Paideia
non sélectionnée – Cadavre et Caramel
non sélectionnée – Collectif Passeurs de Voix
non sélectionnée – L’overthinkerie
non sélectionnée – Potomitan

Alley Cat Productions
Break The Cycle In Park-Ex Theatre Co.
Cottontail Productions
Dai Bao Productions
DHT Productions
Four Face Productions
Frank Mythic Inc
Get Down On It
H4C Productions
Heart of Gold
Hokey Pokey Productions
Humanly Possible Productions
kalianore productions
Mad Paradox
Menina da Lua
MoonCow Theatre Co.
PomPom & Moon
Productions Presents
Raido Productions
Rubber Tree
Trans Trenderz
Turner Doomsday Entertainment
Useless People
Wandering Well Productions
William Burr
Yarn Productions

01 – Tewakaratónnions Productions
02 – Bouddha-Citrouille
03 – Fay’s Bee
04 – Red Bridge productions
05 – Velveteen Valuables
06 – RIOT Theatre
07 – Home Theatre Productions
08 – Life Audit Theatre
09 – MapsCastle
10 – Dawn Dreams Circus
11 – StarStuff
12 – writeronabike Productions!
13 – George Longshadow
14 – potatoCakes_digital
15 – Marianouche
16 – M. de Courgivaux
17 – ACT! Montreal
18 – Escape Bike
19 – Khafi Brood Players
20 – Studio 013
21 – Crazy Cat Lady Productions
22 – worse as you go
23 – Whatever works
24 – Swinwood Productions
25 – Nightjan Productions
26 – Empress Cherry Sunday
27 – West Can Folk Performing Co
28 – Spoke Theatre
30 – Burning Banana Productions
31 – Helen Bach Productions
32 – Gateway Music
33 – DeconstructingQueer
34 – Beyond the universe
35 – Tamzin Productions
36 – PointeTango
37 – MDR productions
38 – Half Twin Theatre
39 – Boulouki Theatre
40 – R’lyeh City Theater Company
41 – Bad Girl Puppet Club
42 – Stormbringer
43 – Joan of all Trades
44 – Spilled Milk Productions
45 – MJ productions
46 – They Tried to Kill Us Productions
47 – Overy Productions
48 – Cosmic Slug
49 – Brave New Productions
50 – Ed the Girl
51 – Jeroen Lindeman
52 – Montreal Steppers
53 – Double Fantasy
54 – Lucky Island Theatre
55 – Isaac Smeele
56 – KaleidoscopeMTL
57 – Self-Deprecation
58 – SoMo Theatre
59 – TurtlePond Theatre Productions
60 – crowlake
61 – FutureFems
62 – Chocolate Moose Theatre Company
63 – Kerosene Theatre
64 – In between
65 – Doctor Keir Co.
66 – Projet Ambidanse
67 – The Ugly Cry Company
68 – A.K.A. Flora Lynn
69 – Poetry from Mars
70 – Get Fresh Productions
71 – Sans nom
72 – Avmarei
73 – The Maximum Chill
74 – That’s A Good One!
75 – Blinded By The Light Productions
77 – Vertical Heart Productions
78 – Gray Productions
79 – Crimson and Clover
80 – Lost & Found Puppet Co.
81 – Elemental Spirit Productions
82 – Golden Slippers
83 – Good Times Theatre Co.
84 – The Malicious Basement
85 – anDRAMAda
86 – Gleams Theatre
87 – Acts To Grind Theatre

Ac Productions
APK production
Cia. Paideia
Collectif les Allumés
Collectif Passeurs de Voix
Collectif Théâtral Qui Dit Vain
Compagnie de l’Iris magnétique
Ère Théâtre
Kathleen Aubert
L’Opéra-Théâtre du Miroir
La Gorgée
La Non-Compagnie
Le Black Hole
Le Théâtre de La Lune Rouge
Les chiens galeux
Les Intimistes
Les Louves
Les Parents Terribles
Les Productions Matou-Vu
les sombres sots
Mirna Rivera
Pagaie ou meurs
Productions de la Clé Rouge
Renee Joseph
Théâtre Globe Bulle Rouge
Théâtre Lune et l’Autre
Théâtre Sans Nombre
Tuque et Capuche

01 – Maison Des Comédiens
02 – Théâtre Polygame
03 – Opéra Outside the Box
04 – Les productions Damalisque
05 – Théâtre Première Neige
06 – L’Enfant Terrible
07 – Meute Monde
08 – Esprit du Tilleul
09 – Les deux colons d’Amérique
10 – Ex-Libris
11 – Linda Tremblay
12 – Tête dure
13 – Les Bouclés
14 – Jacinthe Laforte
15 – Théâtre des illuminés
16 – Equivoc’
17 – Hystrionix
19 – Les yeux du cœur
20 – Laurence Mainville
21 – Les Particules Liées
22 – Lorie Ganley
23 – Champlain-Goldthwait
24 – Malina Fürhoff
25 – Narcisseae
26 – Pretium Doloris
27 – Adrien Gaudon
28 – La Nab
29 – Les Choreutes
30 – Philo14
31 – Possiblement Théâtre
32 – Les Précieuses Perdues S.E.N.C

Dance Fachin
Death Ray Cabaret
Eliot Entertainment
GoodSide Productions
Guayoyo Creative Collective
Helix Ivy Productions
Melanie Gall Presents
Nostos Collectives
Squeaky Wheel
surFace Dance
The apartment across the hall
The Pucking Fuppet Co.
Yonge Professionals

01 – Keith Brown
02 – Cardinal Theatre
03 – Bad Crew Theatre
04 – Ragamuffin Productions
05 – Théâtre Les Compromis
06 – Jimmy Hogg
08 – Irrelephant Productions
09 – (Sex) Cult
10 – Mark Shyzer
11 – Kolarova Danse
12 – Thea Fitz-James
13 – Angus Blue
14 – Pocket Atlas
15 – Illumabilities
16 –
17 – SNAFU
18 – Neanderthal Theatre
19 – ObjectifyFruit
20 – Atelierartworkesinc.
21 – Ryan McFarling, magician, illusionist & trickster
22 – Spec Theatre
23 – PunFu Productions
24 – Vagabond Productions
25 – Permissible Theatre
26 – Newman Mentalism
27 – Concordia Association of Students in Theatre
28 – Carey-OK! Productions
29 – Ill at Will
30 – Joylyn Secunda
31 – Squirrel Suit Productions
32 – La cerise sur le sundae
33 – Quivering Dendrites
34 – Geriwinkle Inc.
35 – Drosselmeyer
36 – Ginette Mohr Productions
37 – Dirty Rotten Clowns
38 – Tita Collective
39 – Al Lafrance
40 – Cursed Productions
41 – Apt. 5 Theatre Collective
42 – JamesRankin Players
43 – SaMel Tanz
44 – Pulsive Party
45 – Robotic Birds
46 – Singles Awareness Productions
47 – Snowglobe Theatre
48 – Margin Release
49 – 603 New Musicals
50 – Edith 47 Productions
51 – Skipping Stones Theatre

A Little Bit Off
big word performance/ jem rolls
Cia Capirona
Dynamite Lunchbox
Jim Loucks
Lee Archer
Lesley Tsina
Murray Meyer
Paco Erhard
Paul Edward
Snake & Rod Theatre
Stories Alive
ZeekTech Productions

01 – Chrysalis Theatre Company
02 – John Michael
03 – et al
04 – Michelle Shulman
05 – Shellscrape Theatre Co., NYC
06 – Buenas Canas
07 – Tudor Productions
08 – Alexandra LaPlante
09 – Bob Bell
10 – Lamiricain
11 – JS Productions
12 – Andrew Erskine Wheeler
13 – Pipia & Son
14 – Why Theatre Company
16 – Paladin Theatre Company
17 – Piti Theatre Company
18 – K.I.A. Productions
19 – Lisa Pedace
20 – Ewerton Martins
21 – Jake Simonds
22 – Kazu Kusano
23 – Racing Sloth Productions
24 – janoah…anygoodjokes?
25 – Tyler West
26 – Kerry Ipema
27 – Monaliza Theatre Group
28 – A Mulled Whine
29 – Deus Quantica
30 – DK Reinemer

Announcing the Culturally Diverse Artist Project

MainLine Theatre is proud to launch the Culturally Diverse Artist Lottery & Mentorship Program in partnership with the Cole Foundation.

The Culturally Diverse Artist Project is an additional lottery and mentorship program available to culturally diverse and/or ethno-racially diverse artists. Artists are eligible to apply if they self-identify as Indigenous, Metis, Inuit, or as a Person of Colour.

No administration fee is charged to join the Culturally Diverse Artist Project Lottery. If selected, no additional application fees will be charged to participate in the 2020 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival.

Successful applicants will also receive 40 hours of free rehearsal time at MainLine Theatre, a bursary of $250 to cover promotional or production expenses, and access to a mentor from January to June.

For complete information about the program, please go here.

To join the Culturally Diverse Artist Lottery, simply answer “Yes” to the the eligibility questions on page 2 of the standard Application Form.

Early Bird Special: August 1 at 12pm EST

2020 EARLY BIRDS: Visit on August 1st when applications go live at 12pm EST. For a preview of the form, please click here.

The fastest applications & lottery administration fee payments in each quota earn an immediate slot in next year’s festival! (We accept the first EIGHT in both local Quebec quotas and the first FIVE in the Canadian and international quotas.)

Please note that, if successful, you will be expected to pay the full Application Fee within 24 hours to be accepted.

If you are not among the first 8 or 5 applications in your quota, your application will carry over automatically to the November lottery.

Please contact if you have any questions about our festival, the November lottery, or the Early Bird Special in August.

FRANKIE Winners 2019

The 29th edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival came to a close Sunday evening at the historic Café Campus with the festival’s prestigious Frankie Awards and closing night party. Sixteen awards were handed out to FRINGE artists by festival partners.

The Frankie Awards are named after Frank Hopkins, a key benefactor during the festival’s early years of the festival. Frank Hopkins passed away on November 11, 2015, his 93rd birthday. As Frank always did, the awards in his name shine a light of the stand-out productions of each edition.

The 2019 FRANKIE Awards are listed by award title and sponsor followed by the winner and the other nominees.

Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places (L’Espace Freestanding Room)

    Winner: Dear Jax (To the Hilt Productions)

Most Outstanding Choreography Award (Bouge D’ici)

     Winner: From the Top (Subject:Matter)
Honourable Mention:
Intrinsic (Jo-Mé Dance Theatre)

  • Collision (Alive and Running)
  • Re-Imagined* (Eva Kolarova Danse) [opens June 13th and under consideration]

Best French Production (MainLine Theatre)

    Winner: La dyslexie c’est dure à écrire pour une dyslexique (Théâtre Trouble)
Honourable Mention:
Peinturé dans l’coin (Whatever Works)

MainLine Creativity Award (MainLine Theatre)

    Winner: The Man Behind the Curtain (Productions Presents)
    Honourable Mention: Just The Worst Time of the Year for a Revolution (Eau verte)

Most Promising Local English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts)

    Winner: The One (Hopegrown Productions)
    Honourable Mentions: Is That How Clowns Keep You Up All Night? (Maximaliste Productions) & The Peers (INFEMOUS)

Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs)

    Winner: Fool Muun Komming! <BeBgWunderful/Yesyes/4sure.hi5.Tru Luv;Spank Spank :Sofun_Grate_Times> (Sam Kruger)

Best English Production (Centaur Theatre)

    Winner: Multiple Organism (Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.)

The Montreal Le Festival de Clowns Award (The Montreal Clown Festival)

Winner: Fairy Fails (Twinkles and Twirls)

Best Visual Identity

    Winner: Opéra, reviens moi (Opéra Outside the Box)

Most Promising Local French Company (MainLine Theatre)

    Winner: Le Venin de Jocaste (Uptown Crew)

Best English Text 
Winner: Magnificence (Doctor Keir Co.)

Best French Text 

Winner: Touche pas à mes cheveux (et autres principes de base) [Beautiful Plate Productions]

Spirit of the FRINGE (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
Winner: Kathleen Aubert from Théâtre Sans Fond

The L’Après FRINGE : 13th HOUR 
Winner: Make it a Musical (Stormbringer)

Patron’s Pick – English Company
Winner: Multiple Organism (Mind of a Snail Puppet Co.)

Patron’s Pick – French Company
Winner: Touche pas à mes cheveux (et autres principes de base) [Beautiful Plate Productions]


Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for attending this amazing evening with us!

FRANKIE Award Nominations for the 2019 St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival

The St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival will be closing with a bang on June 16 with the annual FRANKIE Award Ceremony taking place at the stunning Café Campus (57 Prince Arthur East) starting at 11pm! Participating juries and festival staff are pleased to announce the nominated shows and performance companies. This year there will be 16 prizes awarded, covering an array of values.

The Frankie Awards are named after Frank Hopkins, a key benefactor during the festival’s early years of the festival. Frank Hopkins passed away on November 11, 2015, his 93rd birthday. As Frank always did, the awards in his name shine a light of the stand-out productions of each edition. 

Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places (L’Espace Freestanding Room)

Most Outstanding Choreography Award (Bouge D’ici)

Best French Production (MainLine Theatre)

MainLine Creativity Award (MainLine Theatre)

Most Promising Local English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts)

Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs)

Best English Production (Centaur Theatre)

The Montreal Le Festival de Clowns Award (The Montreal Clown Festival)

Best Visual Identity 

Most Promising Local French Company (MainLine Theatre)

Best English Text 

     To be revealed at the ceremony

Best French Text 

     To be revealed at the ceremony

Spirit of the FRINGE (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)

     To be revealed at the ceremony

The L’Après FRINGE : 13th HOUR 

     To be revealed at the ceremony

Patron’s Pick – English Company

     To be revealed at the ceremony

Patron’s Pick – French Company

     To be revealed at the ceremony

Good luck to all the nominees!